ORA™ releases a new add-on semi-preparative module to extend synthesis possibilities of its already revolutionary and industry-most compact PET synthesizer: the NEPTIS® mosaic-SP

Philippeville, Belgium, June 19th October 2013 / Optimized Radiochemical Applications (ORA™) today announced the release of its new NEPTIS® mosaic-SP module. This semi-preparative module is an add-on to the NEPTIS® mosaic-LC. This latest revolutionary module was presented for the first time and commercially launched during SNMI2013 in Vancouver earlier this year. Both these modules are equipped with the patented technology: WNE® system (3-position pneumatic actuator).

Recent trends in the development of new PET diagnostic tracers require more complex chemistries. This translates usually into more complex fluid pathway and additional purification and reformulation steps. While more complex fluid pathways were already accomodated with the NEPTIS® mosaic-LC module, purification and reformulation steps will now be possible with the NEPTIS® mosaic-SP. This new module integrates seamlessly with the NEPTIS® mosaic-LC: simple connections and single integrated control system, while remaining the most compact solution available on the market place today as two sets of two modules can fit into one single mini-cell.

Vincent Tadino, Chief Technical Officer of ORA™ commented: “We are pleased to be able to propose this flexible approach with two modules as to meet the needs of complex chemistries. This unique combination, is not only the most compact solution for cassette based systems, but also allows an economical and phased approach for production implementation of new radiotracers.”

ORA™ innovative range of NEPTIS® synthesizers are on display at booth number #410 at the European Society for Nuclear Medicine (EANM) Annual Meeting 2013 from 19-22 October in Lyon, France.


NEPTIS® synthesizers, dedicated for the production of PET radiopharmaceuticals, aimed since their inception to address the various challenges, different by nature, of personalized medicine, a young but rapidly advancing field of healthcare: restoring freedom for researchers with an open and flexible platform, providing developers with a robust tool from clinical trials to commercial production, and offering producers a guarantee of reliable and repetitive performance. Additional information about NEPTIS® is available at www.neptis-vsa.com.

About Optimized Radiochemical Applications (ORA™)

ORA, an innovation-driven Belgian company founded in 2006, is developing an extensive range of PET synthesizers for existing and new radiopharmaceuticals and collaborates with major research institutions and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Additional information about ORA is available at www.oradiochem.eu.

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