ORA™ and CycloSmith have concluded collaboration agreement for reinforcing ORA™ technical support for the customers of its NEPTIS® synthesizers in North America

Philippeville, Belgium, July 29th 2013 / Optimized Radiochemical Applications (ORA™) and CycloSmith LLC (Clemmons, North Carolina, USA) have today announced that they have concluded a colloration agreement for reinforcing ORA™ technical support for the customers of its NEPTIS® synthesizers in North America.

ORA™ innovative range of NEPTIS® synthesizers were on display at the Society for Nuclear Medicine (SNM) Annual Meeting 2013 last June in Vancouver, Canada.

According to the terms of the agreement, CycloSmith will be providing a wide range of technical support services to ORA™ customers in North America. The range of services encompasses pre-sales support, installation and maintenance services for the complete range of NEPTIS® synthesizers during and after warranty period, a hot line for aftersales services and a permanent consignment of spare parts in the US for immediate delivery. As a fully certified ORA partner, CycloSmith will also be the first line contact for ORA™ customers in North America. CycloSmith will also provide specific training sessions for North America customers.

Vincent Tadino, Chief Technical Officer of ORA™ commented: “We are glad to see CycloSmith joining our team. We are confident that the over 20 years accumulated expertise of CycloSmith will allow us to provide our customers in North America with a better proximity service as to continue to offer an outstanding customer experience.”

David Smith, Managing Director/President of CycloSmith added: We are pleased to have been able to align with ORA in providing support for their products in America. The many years of our experience often included coincident site visits with ORA founders, through which a mutual respect of each other’s strengths developed. The synergies became undeniable and it was easy for us to take the next step. The agreement exemplifies how important customer service is to our companies. Customers can rest assured that knowledgeable resources are the first to respond and will provide proper lasting solutions. In our pursuit of reshaping how the service industry responds to customer needs, this agreement allows CycloSmith and ORA a breadth of options in providing superior services to the industry.


NEPTIS® synthesizers, dedicated for the production of PET radiopharmaceuticals, aimed since their inception to address the various challenges, different by nature, of personalized medicine, a young but rapidly advancing field of healthcare: restoring freedom for researchers with an open and flexible platform, providing developers with a robust tool from clinical trials to commercial production, and offering producers a guarantee of reliable and repetitive performance. Additional information about NEPTIS® is available at www.neptis-vsa.com.

About Optimized Radiochemical Applications (ORA™)

ORA, an innovation-driven Belgian company founded in 2006, is developing an extensive range of PET synthesizers for existing and new radiopharmaceuticals and collaborates with major research institutions and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Additional information about ORA is available at www.oradiochem.eu.

About CycloSmith LLC.

CycloSmith was formed in 2009 from the genesis of supporting the service operations of independent commercial cyclotron facilities and they matured through the corporate infrastructure. CycloSmith has shaved millions of dollars from operations budgets while enhancing production efficiencies and maintaining system ready status. They keep in close communication with experts from within and those related to the industry and have been assisting with advancing technology on targetry and synthesis systems as well as GMP operations for many years. CycloSmith has continued to participate in forums with the FDA, ISPE, various state agencies and industry organizations such as SNMMI, ASNC, and APHA. Learn more about what they do at www.cyclosmith.com

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