F-Dopa via new nucleophilic method released on NEPTIS® synthesizer from ORA™

Philippeville, Belgium, June 8th June 2013 / Optimized Radiochemical Applications (ORA™) today announced that a new application for the production of [18F]F Dopa via nucleophilic substitution method and HPLC semi-prep with a preconditioned GMP compliant kit system is now available on its NEPTIS® plug and NEPTIS® perform synthesizer models.

Until recently, F-Dopa, a useful radiopharmaceutical tracer used for the diagnostic of neurodegenerative diseases (D2 dopamine receptors), was produced via a complex two-steps electrophilic substitution method resulting in a low yield chemistry. The new nucleophilic kit method with HPLC developed and patented is offering a simple and reliable production with the highest radiochemical purity (> 98%) and enantiomeric purity (> 99%) compared to other available nucleophilic methods for F-Dopa production.

ORA™ has released a new VSA™ (Virtual Synthesizer® Application) for the production of F-Dopa on its NEPTIS® synthesizers. This VSA contains F-Dopa kit test, synthesis method and graphical display of F-Dopa specific reaction pathway and F-Dopa specific synthesis report in a GMP compliant format. To become operational for F-Dopa production, the user only has to load the F-Dopa VSA™ as a new application in the molecules data base of the NEPTIS Control System and PLUG the F-Dopa kit to be automatically up and running.

The combination of an integrated GMP kit system and the simplicity of the integrated NEPTIS platform is therefore offering a convenient way for routine production of this tracer in high demand by the medical community.

ORA™ is exhibiting at booth number #1500 at the Society for Nuclear Medicine (SNM) Annual Meeting 2013 from 8-12 June in Vancouver, Canada.


NEPTIS® synthesizers, dedicated for the production of PET radiopharmaceuticals, aimed since their inception to address the various challenges, different by nature, of personalized medicine, a young but rapidly advancing field of healthcare: restoring freedom for researchers with an open and flexible platform providing developers with a robust tool from clinical trials to commercial production, and offering producers a guarantee of reliable and repetitive performance. Additional information about NEPTIS® is available at www.neptis-vsa.com.

About Optimized Radiochemical Applications (ORA™)

ORA, an innovation-driven Belgian company based founded in 2006, is developing an extensive range of PET synthesizers for existing and new radiopharmaceuticals and collaborates with major research institutions and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Additional information about ORA is available at www.oradiochem.eu.

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