The Cost Saver

The NEPTIS® Nx3 system is an innovative “PLUG-PRODUCE-PERFORM” synthesizer for the optimized commercial production of FDG  via nucleophilic synthesis with a triple independent run capability.

It is an non-proprietary fully integrated cassette-based solution that maintains continuity with the classical single run disposable approach.

An instant connect/disconnect feature allows easy and trouble-free set up of the cassette for the operator: cassette is pneumatically secured in place with automatic tightening of the connections to the synthesizer.

Quality compliance is simplified with NEPTIS documentation divided into a number of clear and individual standard operating procedures (SOPs) meeting the needs of the several department of a GMP facility.

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NEPTIS® Nx3 triple run:

8 ramps of 5 pneumatic actuators each:

* 20 actuactors (2-position)
* 20 actuators (3-position) (WNE® system)

W x D x H:
565 x 380 x 395 mm
22.2 x 14.9 x 15.5 in


120/240 V AC

Compressed air: 6 to 8 bars

Nitrogen: 3 to 8 bars


Standard pack includes a [18F]FDG method that has recently been developed (patent pending).

In this [18F]FDG method supplied with the NEPTIS Nx3 synthesizer, before hydrolysis, the intermediate tetra-acetyl FDG is directly removed from the solid support using a minute quantity of ethanol.

Chemicals and Cassettes can be ordered directly from our partners.