NEPTIS mosaic-LC

The Space Saver.

The NEPTIS┬« mosaic-LC is an innovative ┬ź┬áPLUG-PRODUCE-PERFORM┬á┬╗ synthesizer for the automated production of the most common [18F] fluoride based radiotracers via nucleophilic synthesis.

It is an non-proprietary cassette-based solution that features and open development mode for allowing the creation and development of new synthesis sequences, further expanding the variety of tracers that may be produced.

An easy cassette-based setup virtually eliminates user error.

Quality compliance is simplified with NEPTIS documentation divided into a number of clear and individual standard operating procedures (SOPs) meeting the needs of the several department of a GMP facility.

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NEPTIS® mosaic-LC:

3 ramps of 5 pneumatic actuators with 3 position each (WNE®system).


280x400x240 mm

11.0×15.7×9.44 in

Hotcell compatibility

Up to 4 NEPTIS® mosaic-LC can be installed into one single mini-cell


120/240 V AC

Compressed air: 6 to 8 bars

Nitrogen: 2 to 8 bars


Standard pack includes 3 synthesis methods plus development mode.

Current Virtual Synthesizer® applications:

  • [18F]FDG
  • [18F]NaF
  • Other generic tracers (in the future)

Available VSAs are depending on NEPTIS® model.  Define your VSA needs to choose the appropriate NEPTIS® model.

Chemicals and Cassettes can be ordered directly from our partners.



NEPTIS® synthesizer makes your life easy.

With simple plug-in kits, NEPTIS® allows you to switch easily between different radiotracers, install new ones, or fine-tune your existing synthesis sequences.  With built-in functionalities and secure connectivity through an Ethernet network, NEPTIS® makes you fully operational and supported, instantly.



NEPTIS® synthesizer reduces your production cost.

A superior chemistry coupled with low cost non proprietary kits (off-the-shelf commercial components) and extensive pre-synthesis full hardware diagnostics are the fundamentals for reliable, repetitive and competitive production of your radiotracers.



NEPTIS® synthesizer covers your future needs for new compounds.

The NEPTIS┬« synthesizer platform provides you with the capability of creating an unlimited number of individualized radiotracer synthesis applications.┬á Efficient market deployment results from the hardware’s built-in versatility during research, development, clinical trials and commercial production.