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NEPTIS Designer module allows the development of customized syntheses with their associated graphical reaction pathway in a standalone environment, and the export of the complete tracer application (Virtual Synthesizer applications) for immediate operation with the synthesizer within the NEPTIS Control( VSA) module.

This tools brings invaluable flexibility in assisting in the development of any type of synthesis on multiple platforms together with its associated environment: graphical definition of the cassette hardware and the associated cassette testing sequence, and assistance to build up a pre-validated synthesis sequence, and running and fine tuning them.

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With the market evolution of PET tracers, the new challenge, especially for Academics and researchers, is how to be able to implement new tracers, seamlessly and efficiently on a variety of synthesizer platforms.

For developers of new radiopharmaceutical tracers, analysis of their accumulated data can be critical for fast improvments.

For commercial PET producers, running their operation with the highest possible reliability and understanding the evolution of their critical parameters is key to succeed in an increasing competitive environment.

Until today, there was no complete tool box available to achieve all these goals simultaneously.

By using the latest technology in software development, it was possible to elaborate these very desirable critical tools:

NEPTIS Designer – NEPTIS Control – NEPTIS Trending