NEPTIS control system

A truly innovative software with an open platform.

NEPTIS® Control System provides an open and flexible platform for implementing new radiotracers, yet oriented for reliable and repetitive production.

NEPTIS® Control System is an innovative software, open source based, that allows instant loading of pre-defined and/or custom production methods for multiple PET radiotracers versus conventional dedicated single radiotracer software.

NEPTIS® Control System enables true network control of multiple synthesizers from one single console. Full remote control is accomplished via ethernet/internet protocol, providing unrivalled control and maintenance capability.

NEPTIS® Control System allows easy and direct software updates and new synthesis methods to be downloaded via simple web access.

NEPTIS control system is the most logical evolution for controlling production of PET tracers, providing more freedom and better efficiency.

This totally new software system provides the capability of creating an unlimited number of individualized radiotracer synthesis applications, hence offering you an unlimited number of Virtual Synthesizers for your existing hardware investment.

In development mode, it provides you with flexibility for implementing on-the-go new synthesis methods.

Further, each NEPTIS Virtual Synthesizer incorporates advanced features to improve the day-to-day production reliability, including post-process hardware monitoring and diagnostics for each specific radiotracer.

Quality compliance is simplified with NEPTIS documentation divided into a number of clear and individual standard operating procedures (SOPs) meeting the needs of the several department of a GMP facility.

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New generation browser based user interface.

Unlimited radiotracer database capability (open system).

Individualized radiotracer synthesis (via NEPTIS Virtual Synthesizer®).

Production and Development modes include:

  • graphical display of radiotracer specific reaction pathway (production mode)
  • graphical general hardware display (development mode)
  • display of real-time data in multiple graphs
  • radiotracer specific synthesis report
  • radiotracer specific pre-synthesis test of hardware
  • radiotracer specific kit test
  • general maintenance mode
  • sequence optimisation capability

Radiotracer specific advanced synthesis report.

Complete data log for pharmaceutical compliance inclusive of:

  • production, hardware kit and reagent set batch numbers
  • graphs of radioactivity, vacuum and temperature data
  • radiotracer specific detailed graphs of major synthesis steps

Extensive hardware diagnostic tools.

Full testing of all analog/digital signals and components:

  • valves, actuators, vacuum pump, heater

Open sequence development capability for customized synthesis and new radiotracers.

True capability of converting custom developed sequences into standard production methods.

Extended network capability and control.

  • multiple consoles
  • multiple synthesizer modules
  • ethernet wired/wireless connectivity
  • internet remote control and maintenace support


  • Rockwell CPU board latest generation
  • 32 ports I/O module
  • Ultra compact rugged industrial PC Server (SSD technology)
  • N band wireless router with 8 ethernet ports
  • Cable set


Virtual Synthesizer® applications (*)

Standard pack includes 3 synthesis methods plus developement mode.

Current Virtual Synthesizer® applications


Chemicals and Cassettes can be ordered directly from our partners.

(*) ORA provides its customers no licence under European Patent EP 0836 609 B1 and its international counterparts for practicing the method claimed therein for synthesizing FDG.