WNE system

Exclusive patented technology:

3-position pneumatic actuator


Flexibility for unlimited fluid pathways

Recent trends in the development of new PET diagnostic tracers require more complex chemistry. They in turn necessitate almost unlimited flexibility for the fluid pathway design. The 3-position pneumatic actuator system is the effective solution for this, removing all contraints on the fluid pathway design.

Simplicity for ultimate reliability

In a radioactive environment, long term reliability of components is essential. While electrically-driven actuator systems are susceptible to radiation, pneumatic systems provide unmatched reliability.

With the identical simplicity to a traditional 2-position pneumatic actuator, the 3-position pneumatic actuator technology guarantees accurate positioning of the actuators, essentially indefinitely. Only pneumatic pressure is required for their operation. Unlike electrically-driven actuators, there is no need for any electronic logic control system.

The patented WNE system is now used as the standard component in the new range of NEPTIS synthesizers: NEPTIS perform, NEPTIS mosaic-LC and NEPTIS mosaic-RS.

WNE system in NEPTIS models