Virtual Synthesizer Application (VSA)

When the evolution of the PET world becomes real:

NEPTIS Virtual Synthesizer

Researcher drawing atom symbol and dna on glassYou are a researcher, a developer, a commercial producer ? Then you need to be able develop, test and reliably produce specific tracers on a platform that allows you to control and test your cassette design, visualize your process in real time with the key parameters and produce summary or more elaborated report.

ORA has created for you the Virtual Synthesizer Application (VSA) environment. It is the most logical evolution for automated synthesizers with disposable cassette system as it provides more freedom for a better efficiency.


This innovative concept, provides the capability of creating an unlimited number of individualized radiotracer synthesis applications tuned exactly to your needs.

Radioisotope_synthesis_VSA iconA VSA consists of a computerized data set that is containing all the information about a specific radiotracer:

  • radiotracer specific kit test
  • radiotracer specific method (with sequence optimisation capability)
  • graphical display of radiotracer specific reaction pathway
  • data to display in real-time in multiple graphs during the synthesis
  • radiotracer specific synthesis report (summary and expanded report)